The Whole

Jesus Christ founded his empire about love; and at this time there are millions of people ready to die by the. We could cite many more, believers and non-believers enemies of Jesus and the conclusion would be the same: Jesus is above all. He did what no one else has done or may do: defeat the most feared enemy of men: death. He gave the deeper and larger words that any human being can hear. As he himself says: Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away (Luke 21: 33).

Today his words are the most widely read, the most believed, the most followed, the most beloved, those published, the most translated, the most beautiful, the most extraordinary, the most influential. Jesus is the most influential character of the history, because without weapons, without political power, rejected by the majority of his people in his time, without the vagaries of any billionaire, it went from being a spiritual guide of 12 men to the only God recognized of billions of people. Since its existence as a man in this world until today there has been no new moral ideal exposed by someone else. He meets the spiritual needs of men as none. Without believing in him, the universe and life become something empty, sad, cold, without hope, without purpose. Believing in the whole history, the universe, the life have a satisfactory explanation, an eternal purpose.

There are at least 333 prophecies in the Bible about the old testament. All fulfilled accurately. One feels at the beginning when reading this from the fulfillment of the prophecies about him that is something important but not so much. However I invite you to imagine a friend unmarried can be pregnant within 10 years and to make about the baby who will be born prophecies about the place of his birth, his ancestry, the name that will take, the nickname that will put you, if a friend betray it for how will make it money, the exact time of his death, how will die and among whom they will bury it.

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