Thortex Germany Representation

Thortex Germany now also representation for BioVersal high-performance products for Deoiling and decontamination. Thortex Germany offers tailor-made solutions cleaning products with the BioVersal for Entolungs problems. Since 1990, BioVersal stands for innovative products to the environmentally friendly Deoiling on highest technical ecological standards for commercial and industrial. Because the environment would be: remove the oil from the cleaning products, degrease and clean with very easily biodegradable ingredients. You enable the biological self cleaning power of nature: on oils, fats, and proteins are also transferred in a very light biodegradability. This can be avoided contaminated wastewater and disposal potential reduced. The process waste water directly at the workplace can be prepared organic to the formation of water circuits.

When used properly no negative impact from oil/water separation. Biological wastewater treatment plants are not negatively affected. BioVersal Oil and cost problems… fast, secure and cost-saving solutions prevention/reduction of production outages biological treatment of process wastewater possible land conservation instead of land destruction secure TuV – tested special procedures in all areas of cleaning/Deoiling of technical installations cleaning/Deoiling of operating and traffic areas cleaning/Deoiling for corrosion Bautenschutz surface preparation for modernization or maintenance coatings for conversion or sale of farms contaminated sites rehabilitation or building demolition applications: almost all types of oily, greasy or other contaminated surfaces (stone, concrete, tiles, metal, plastic, glass, textiles, wood, machinery, etc.) Application: simple spray technique with hand spray bottle, Garden sprayer, etc.

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