Turkey Real Estate Acquisition

The reasons for buying property in Turkey. Considering the many reasons for buying property in Turkey is to provide five key: First, this is the best offer overseas property in terms of price / quality ratio. Content and service apartments, villas, hotels and land on the Turkish coast is much lower than in the Moscow region. Second, a good investment with growth in property prices in all regions and the possibility of obtaining additional income from renting the acquired property. In addition, the prospect of Turkey joining the eu will increase the value of real estate in order.

Acquisition of Property in Turkey. Also, the only An example from foreign countries, giving the right to obtain a residence permit for five years. Convenient transport connections to , where almost all year round – summer, winter – plus 18-20 degrees, for skiers 60 km from is a mountain with a ski lift, and the presence in Russian secondary schools and kindergarten. Luxury housing and affordable apartments and houses which give the possibility to save on vacation during the holidays and holidays at low prices food, clothing, furniture, etc. Variants of acquiring real estate; as a private person; in the name of a registered company (Limited Liability Company).

The whole procedure of buying in the name of the company, including registration firm takes a week. Joined the firm would cost between $ 1000 – 1500 euros, including all registration fees. The process of buying real estate private person, regardless of nationality, take longer period.

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