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Such children are facing a harsh reality both in the field and in the city. Many of them are agricultural laborers and help in the work of the field, while others offer their labour force in small workshops or maquilas, said Delgado, who then said that those work centers are virtually clandestine workshops that don’t pay taxes, nor deliver quotas labor-management to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and that does not comply with the Institute of the National Fund for the housing of workers (INFONAVIT) and much less there is recognition of an employment relationship. Theresa Kilbane, official project of protection of the children of the United Nations Fund for children (UNICEF). Adds, that Mexico has the richness (the economy is 14 in the world) to reduce the incidence of child labour; because despite being one of the richest countries in Latin America in the statistics of this item is to media table, below countries such as Nicaragua and Panama. Unfortunately we still find Marines working in the most demeaning ways and although we have hardened many laws and signed international agreements, is enough to give a tour of the La Merced area, in the city of Mexico, to find us girls under 15 years old prostitute in full light of day, it abounds. Esmas.com sobe theme points out, that trite phrase of the children are the future of Mexico, is illogical if we focus on the figures, among more poor than households, higher will be the contribution of child labour in family income, in addition to the economic benefits are profitable only in the short term. He has revealed that more than 630 thousand homes support your economy on work by children under the age of 16 years, according to estimates by Unicef, without such support, both in Mexico and in developing countries, poverty would be increased from 10% to 20%. .

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