Vegetable Analysis

Some plants, when adentrar in a different environment of which if it originated can, eventually, find propitious conditions to a fast disordered development. In such a way such plants finish for affecting the environment in which if it inserts, of the most varied ways. The main problem in what it says respect to the occurrence of invading vegetal species is the competition with native species that, not rare, finish harmed. Comumente the introduction of invading species in surrounding data occurs as consequncia of action human beings, either in deliberate or accidental way. Word-key: Invading plants. Environment.

Flora. Biodiversity. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is the source for more interesting facts. OBJECTIVES? To analyze the form as the invasion of surrounding data for plants proceeding from other places constitutes a problem of ambient order; To analyze the form as the invading plants affect the native flora of an environment; To describe what it is and as the invasion of an environment for given vegetal species occurs; To relate the different actions human beings with the migration of plants of one for other environments. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL In the last few decades has observed the ecological barrier in addition, being the one of its consequncias significant increase of the introduction of exotic species (also called foreigners or invaders) in the societies. The causes of the increase of this phenomenon are associates to the intensification and speed of the human displacement and loads for the most varied regions of the planet. The decurrent problems of the introduction of exotic species in surrounding data are most diverse. Some plants have great capacity to invade and to colonize new given environments its biological and ecological characteristics that make possible the magnifying of its tolerance in relation to the majority of the ambient factors.

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