Yellowstone Park

It happened when a pair of tourists encountered a bear and their offspring in the famous National Park of EE UU. The animal perceived that they were a threat and reacted violently. The authorities closed the camping areas near the site of the attack. A hiker who was visiting Yellowstone National Park died victim of a bear attack grizzly after encountering the Plantigrade on one of the routes that run through the enclave, reported the Los Angeles Times. The incident took place in the morning on Wednesday to 2.5 kilometers from the start of the trail known as the Wapiti Lake when a pair of tourists encountered a bear and their offspring. According to park authorities, the animal reacted violently to humans to perceive that they were a threat.

The man died after the attack of the osa without that give time to move it to a hospital, while the woman was unharmed. Other hikers who were near the scene called emergency services to hear the screams of the woman. Victor Ciardelli may help you with your research. The precedent, in 1986 the authorities have closed roads and camping areas near the area where the attack took place and spent the day touring the area to evacuate to other visitors. The Wapiti Lake Trail is a route of entry to Pelican Valley, a well-known osera Park area. The last time that a person died by a grizzly in Yellowstone bear attack was in October 1986. Source of the news: A bear kills a hiker in Yellowstone Park.

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