The Whole

Jesus Christ founded his empire about love; and at this time there are millions of people ready to die by the. We could cite many more, believers and non-believers enemies of Jesus and the conclusion would be the same: Jesus is above all. He did what no one else has done or may do: defeat […]

The Special

How make us indifferent to what happens around us! The testimonies presented in this book are proof of it contradictory that our society is, we see reflected in a Chile (Davinson and Ketterer, 2006: 44) developing attractive for foreign investment and diversification of their exports. There is however another face that many of us refuse […]

Social Quadrant

Results and Quarrels As the carried through research of field, amongst the collected data of the four evaluated quadrants: Social, Affective, Professional and Health, the two first ones had presented successes two last ones had indicated failures. The Social quadrant has value of reference 09 points, that is, if the average presented for these quadrants […]

Commission Mortgage

The lengthening of the term is a way to reduce your financial burden in the short term but, depending on the particular situation of each person, also involves a series of implications that should be considered before making the decision. So, according to the AHE, we must bear in mind that: If your mortgage loan […]