Alliance Global Assistance

Just in time for the start of the winter the Alliance global assistance offers all-round protection for traveling together families of the winter has now arrived. Additional information at Expert on growth strategy supports this article. The final plans for the upcoming family vacation and cabin fever running at full speed. The family holiday in large round fun special, for example with a friendly family. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Morris Invest. Apart from the Nice company of community winter trip brings many advantages: the travel and accommodation costs can be divided, the little ones great in the ski school and parents have more time for themselves on the track or cabin. But what happens when a family member is sick and the holidays must be cancelled at short notice? The new ELVIA family and few tariff offers financial security together travelling families. Full travel insurance for all the Alliance global assistance has the so-called circle of risk people expanded.

What complicated sounds, is quite simple. Because now both families can withdraw from the trip, even if the insured event only when a family has occurred. That protects Families facing high cancellation costs and the anticipation of the joint family holidays remains undimmed. The family pair fare but not only applies to the classic family”. Also unmarried couples with and without children, patchwork families or grandparents with grandchildren can be with this rate hedge. As a general rule: includes up to two adults, regardless of the relationship, children of his own age in any number and up to six children not up to 21 in the travel protection. Higher travel price scales save money because a great family holiday can go pretty well in the money, has increased now also the graduations of the year travel protection AGA. As the first provider of travel insurance AGA within year travel protection for families traveling insured up to the price of 12,000 euros, single travellers, there are 10,000 euros.

The advantage: The AGA customers save correctly. Because many insurers already much earlier ends the season at the annual travel insurance. For families traveling over 10,000 euros or individual Often additional individual policies must be completed by 6,000 euros. Extra costs that are now able to invest insurance the AGA in beautiful holiday experiences.

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