Although not believe it the old fashions and the current ones have been reflected in the bodies of those who have used them (our grandmothers, our mothers, us and now our children, etc.). Not in vain were those pants waist 80 s and 90 s, which well formed bodies both male as female. And it is precisely this garment in particular which I want to talk to them: the pants at the WAIST; This garment so now almost extinct, especially for girls is a great ally in the formation of their bodies; as everything is now the hip and they are precisely grow, the pants at the waist is precisely a kind of mould for this growth, and can avoid these unpleasant wheels or slices as you want them to call that they out exactly from where the pants to the hip ends and upwards, clear this little advice on this kind of pants is not everythingalso influences the type of food and the portions given to our children that by wanting or believing that they eat well allowed to eat whatever they want and how much want; the pants at the waist help another little bit with this because arriving precisely at this height the WAIST, you can for your child to eat far trouser, because if eats of most trouser press. It is important to raise awareness in children about taking care of your body especially like eating as healthy as possible, emphasize not to let eat but eat what they can serve more to his body growing, clear are children as candy (with measure) are allowed. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out ProLogis. We will because we learn to live without extra pounds but also and not it is less important without kilos less; not desist because as we give them the example so they will do it, let us avoid diseases and CUIDENSE.

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