Born To Cook After – Hobby Chef Culture In Germany

“The main actors of the TV cooking show boom are now real stars. Millions watch when Brewer, Johann Lafer or Sarah Wiener are Tim at the stove. “The perfect dinner”, where the amateurs of counter is even more successful. -So, it writes der SPIEGEL in its edition of August 27, 2007. And who wants to disagree with this assessment? Whether professional cooking show or the voyeristische delight in the culinary dilettantism of private hobby chefs – the odds are and they’re evidence of medial booms, which long has arrived in German kitchens at the same time.

Jamie Oliver, animated by the stars of the industry, such as the smart British venture into more and more former cooking ring to the unfamiliar terrain of their cooking. Armed with Zacherl favorite recipes, the television always in earshot, it consistently precedes in entirely new culinary worlds. What could be even more meaningful than in times of mad cow disease and rotten meat himself the selection and preparation of food to seek? The local master butcher will look forward, and the guest of such Gourmet spectacle as well. However long the medium of television is no longer enough true cooking fans: it is rather to interact with like-minded people, talk shop, or get advice. Still only very few people want to be mere recipients of culinary embassies. The solution to this problem is not new, but no less interesting for it: the Internet offers with innovative cooking forums and kitchen advice those frames, for which so many Maltster, Lafer, or Zacherl followers have longed. The favorite recipe on the screen (and in the best case on the stove) to know of countless other cooking fans joins with the realization: even the pros Cook only with hot water. On these new platforms (E.g.:) of dedicated amateur Cook is also the star, as the beginner amateur or the professional Restauant Cook – what could be better there? While full-service providers like ambari-kitchen equal to the proper ingredients in the connected Delicatessen shop ( for all who go want to cook now ready. The good wine up to the appropriate seasoning marinade – here no wishes remain open (just maybe who, after his own cooking show on television). But what can still be not is…

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