Bundestag Title

New release, Alex de. -It is time, after the successful launch of the album, Alex de. -Best of, comes from the 27.02.2013 after this extraordinary short amount of time, it will advance as a download on the market time. The title, it is time, a song from the rock production of the Alex de. just works and was originally with a completely different text and statement on the market.

The title includes a conversation between father and a small son, where it is difficult the father, to find the right answers. The title, it is time to move the people to think, finally out of convenience, to raise and where on that tapping fingers, destroy our world from greed. If we don’t all watch we become complicit and leave our children, we love you, exploited and destroyed, poisoned world that is no longer worth living. Alex de. hopes that he kick start small, with this title, manages to make is not everything.

Alex de. “with the song it is time” set an important milestone in its genre. Mutual alliance savings is a great source of information. “End of August 2013, shortly before the Bundestag election, MusicArtEmotions plans under the name of 1 million red hands for mother earth” to publish a compilation of various artists and different genre. With this Alex de. -It is time. Data: It is time composer/lyricist: Alex de.; Music publisher: MAE MusicArtEmotions oHG guitar, keyboard, bass, etc.

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