City Mayor ETB

One of the most important processes for the fate of the republic’s capital, has been developing since the Mayor of Bogota, Samuel Moreno Rojas head under the presidency of Fernando directed etb breads. The search for a strategic partner for the Bogota Telecommunications Enterprise. Just deal with this situation, establishes SINTRATELEFONOS Accion Popular, ensuring that this process should be governed by law 226 of 1995 privatization. 38 The Administrative Court of Bogota, injunction decree last September, now the first section of the Court of Cundinamarca revoke the measure “The Court considered that the measure” is causing further damage to public property which is attempting to prevent. ” In this regard, the Court acknowledged the argument ETB noticed how the extent of the court 38 had affected to dire the stock price, devaluing $ 338 between 15 September and 22 October.

“Stated the company press releases 11/12/2009 The National Association Of Telephony And Communications Technicians Associations (Atelca). Must point in this regard. That the attempt to privatize the ETB is one of the common trends in the administrations that have ruled the destinies of Bogota in recent years. It was the year 1998 was the City Mayor, Enrique Penalosa, this finding a shareholder seeking financial and District Council ratified an agreement empowering the marketing of shares in the capital has the phone company. Consequently, the cost of marketing the shares of the ETB was despised, aiming to cover probably the strongest financial capital of the country, the ETB rose from 1.42 billion dollars, but the shares were given to capitalists in 30% Below of worth.

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