Design Object

Steel reinforcement as a design object packed writing instruments construction steel in concrete who believes that reinforcing bars are only for embedding, which is wrong. Cut into manageable pieces, with drilling and mining, the ribbed traction amplifier emit highly creative writing. What seems often so easily flowed to the reader from the pen, is usually hard work for the writer. Writing is hell, have written of the sky,\”confirmed Schreibtrainerin Sibylle Krause-Burger, the German author and journalist. The right tools can dramatically facilitate the work. More information is housed here: Richard LeFrak.

This applies to the writing Guild as well as for the carpenters, the installer or the masons: whatever the joiner’s plane, the installer its thread clamp and the Mason trowel, is the writer of his pen or filler. Of course facilitate technological achievements such as computer and laptop work. Without writing but also the most advanced author does not come out as well as the Mauerer can give despite blender and plaster not on hammer and trowel. Industry product redefined with his writing instruments from rebar, stainless steel or copper pipes the German Interior Designer and designer animated Axel Huhold to the lustful writing and sketching – whether in the Office or on the construction site. Because the pens which are global design factory – the name of Huholds ideas and design – not only an eye-catcher in the hand of the designer or construction draughtsman, but also a useful companion in the rigors of the construction site. Virtually indestructible even a still so rough handling can have little them. No matter if they fall from the scaffolding on the bare concrete floor or accidentally stepped on it with work shoes is the robust reinforcement steel pins are not to kill\”, guarantees the inventor of unconventional writing tool. The idea that Huhold came, as he almost ten years ago as construction manager for the extension of the Spa in the luxury hotel to the bleach\”in Burg in Spreewald worked.

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