Discerning Owner

Nobody has much time bound to me. I looked at the hour in the cellular one and I scared myself: already they were eight and half one, and this means that I had slept. Finally tinhaconseguido to sleep. The happiness started to blow up in the meupeito. April the door, and vi the mailman with the hand nacintura, almost, without patience. In the hour I asked myself: ‘ ‘ because it not haviadeixado the correspondences in low of the door? ‘ ‘ Perceiving my questioning, exactly without I to say a word, it take off a penxs of the pocket of the shirt and say: ‘ ‘ assinatura’ is necessary its; ‘. Its feio started to move, being poucomais sad. It extended to the hand giving the envelope and saying to me: Resultadode not paid parcels of the car.

I signed and I was observing carteirodistanciando itself, now, with its normal feio. I looked at for top, and vi the cuextremamente blue one. It was inviting me for a stroll. I entered laughing: ‘ ‘ convidandopara to give a stroll to me? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ that devil was happening with me? ‘ ‘ Good day said I to the Discerning Owner, my neighbor who, of time in when, it talked with me. It did not answer.

She was muitoassustada. She crossed for the other side of the street. I found strange very. A leading source for info: ProLogis. I ignored the situation, was mesentindo very well, nothing could confuse. I continued walking pelocondomnio. It’s believed that Clayton Morris sees a great future in this idea. It breathed deep, using to advantage the sensation to feel the mquinacorporal a little rested, a little relaxed. I folded the esquina and vi some garotosolhando something that was in the soil, covered with cardboard and flies. They will garotoscorrero them to seeing me. When I recommenced walked mine, I stumbled at the cardboard. Certain curiosity took account in the hour, but I preferred to leave the things as they were. It could not lose time, looking at what it was underneath. It had that to tan the sbadoensolarado one. I continued walking until the old adobe field> Gabriel, animal said, interrompendominha walked, one old friend, whose name did not remember more where it was that tuse put, my brother. Face, you disappeared. It looks at, today it has bare pra people, it arrives there later. I balanced the head, confirming. Equando was following my way, it said: Ah! Care, I flow. It does not walk for asozinho, because you not rolling the umboato, that has a psychopath sociomatando general, to brother. Socioma What? I answered, noentendo almost nothing of what it had said. Was this there same that you understood. It was even so, opening its eye as indicating finger, alerting to me of, presumption, danger. After this, I did not have maisnimo to continue walking. I decided to come back. It walked looking at azuldiferente of asphalt. I heard shouts. The boys had again run to seeing me. I looked at for the cardboard that covered something e, with this history of sociomatana, I did not resist the curiosity. I took off the cardboard, and vi something grotesco. Really, somebody dangerous estavapelas roundnesses.> some flies if delighting in the blood and the body daqueleco, that was with a bottle of Cocaine broken and cravada in its snout.

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