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Forecast is the advance estimate of a variable based on your history or explanatory variables. The story or sequence of past of a variable values is by some or some mathematical procedures review and we try to somehow extrapolate this behavior to try to have a clue about the future value of that variable. Today no company can give the luxury of squandering money. Companies that react faster are those that have more opportunities to stay afloat and survive. Therefore anticipate what might happen in the future optimal helps companies to prepare, determine the level of resources and reduce the excesses. A successful outcome and an adequate planning of demand enable companies to buy and produce, control total costs in the chain of supply through the rationalization of the quantities also contributes to make better planning of distribution to achieve the greatest efficiency of the inventory helping to raise the level of service.

One of the largest and more common challenges in nearly every business today is the forecast sales. This activity and its outcome is perhaps the greatest source of friction between sales and marketing on one side and the other operations. It can be said that in most companies one of the processes most important is the forecast demand for its products and services, since the result or the output of this process is the main input to define the company’s commercial and Industrial Plan. Forecast Pro Unlimited is designed to automatically predict large-scale and multi-tiered, Unlimited Edition is the best solution for those organizations that have a number of items, or SKU above 100 s and who manage multiple tiers. Additionally, this edition features with collaborative tools that allow the creation in the most successful demand forecast team. If your organization has a formal process of forecasting, which is documented and is followed in detail, the Unlimited Edition is the most suitable.

With a few few clicks of the mouse you can view the results in different ways either graphically or through reports, additional to this collaborative license allows incorporate market intelligence which helps to have a more successful outcome. Among its main features are: automatically create a more successful prognosis. The expert selection of Forecast Pro Unlimited algorithm analyzes each item individually and automatically selects the most suitable forecasting method. If you prefer to apply another method Forecast Pro offers a complete range of forecasting techniques and tools of diagnosis to select the method that is the most successful at its discretion. Integration with other systems. Forecast Pro Unlimited integration with other systems is really simple, you can import data in several formats in either Excel, lotus spreadsheets, files of text or through an ODBC connection. You can also customize the contents of the output formats, whether that you need a flat file to integrate ERP, a worksheet for a colleague or a report type presentation. Forecast Pro Unlimited collaborative. Collaborative Forecast Pro Unlimited licenses, provide an easy and affordable way of collaboration between members of the team, allowing to visualize the outcome including the graphics options and reporting and qualitative adjustments made on the basis of this information. The following are some demonstrations of Forescast Pro: introduction to the concepts of Forescast Pro using the version of Trac on Forescast Pro income data Forescast Pro original author and source of the article

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