The Spanish foreign call by different names, they always have something derogatory and a spark of humor. But this is normal in all societies and in all civilizations of all times, always look abroad as a strange being that we see over your shoulder because it is not our custom. Airbnb Rentals wanted to know more. But you can not simply infer xenophobia of this attitude toward the Stranger The contemptuous tone of these names are often dependent on the historical relations with them. If there has been more recent wars have been, will be the most derogatory name. The British and all English speaking call them foreigners, which comes from the pronunciation Peninsularized of “where is” that always start to wonder somewhere. For others, the word foreigner has a different etymology. By extension, they are called guiris all tourists who visit Spain and leave us a good income, which would be welcome, but arouse our laughter with his behavior: a – expensive cameras and worn round photographed everything in sight.

– They wear outlandish hats and sandals with socks frequently. – Always go with a map in hand and deployed on the streets to watch. – At least contact with the sun, take on a reddish color in the skin, also called “fried chicken” (“Look, today and yesterday foreigner is like a fried chicken”) – is accompanied with coca-cola stew or paella. – They believe we all have to speak their language, but when the Spanish go to their countries, no one responds in Spanish.

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