Frame Houses, Technology

Frame construction technology in contrast to the log house in which the bearing elements are the walls. In frame buildings, this function performs the island of solid or laminated wood. Inside and outside the frame sheathed leaf, or molded material, and the inside is filled with insulation. There are several options for assembling the frame: the reference point can be a floor on which you install the vertical elements or mullion-beam system, based on the foundation. Most frequently used frame consisting of upper and lower studs of walls, pillars and beams, braces stiffness, as well as supporting elements – the intermediate posts and beams, between which are door and window frames.

At the foundation or basement, on top of the waterproofing layer is placed and fixed with steel anchors the lower rail, made of carefully dried and boards of softwood. See more detailed opinions by reading what Brett White offers on the topic.. Fixed bearing and corner posts. Cross section of the latter should be not less than 5 sq. cm, the length is determined by the height of a floor, and width – thickness of insulation. On risers fit cantrail. After installing the frame sheathe, mounted insulation and vapor barriers.

Layers stack in the following order: the inner cladding, vapor barrier, insulation, windproof layer and outer skin. Each element of the pie performs a specific function, so the lack of or poor quality, even laying one layer affects the quality of the whole structure. Inner wall paneling serves as the basis for finishing. reat source of information. It can run of boards every section and profile, drywall, dsp, magnesium and other sheet materials, approved by the sanitary standards for residential premises. In the “wet zone” (the bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens) for the inner cladding used water-resistant materials. Vapor barrier protects the thermal insulator from the effects of water vapor coming from the premises. This parameter is very important, because when wet insulation, its heat-shielding properties sharply. As a vapor barrier uses a special membrane film, which is installed between the insulation and inner lining of premises. a>. For the insulation layer is windproof, protects walls from blowing, and siding. First frame is sheathed weatherproof materials (DSP, GreenBoard), then they stuffed the membrane film and kontrbrus, and only then attached external cladding (siding, imitation timber). External coating has several functions, in addition to aesthetic, providing structural rigidity, the protection of structural elements of the building from weathering. The air gap provides ventilation throughout the structure, protects the wood and insulation from moisture. Even a short story about the principles of construction of a frame house reveals a number of advantages of such cottages. First of all, these buildings the most economical: Wood spent less than for the construction of the log or square log houses. Low weight and stability of a frame house allows you to use lighter foundation. Another plus of these designs – open plan interior. A modern frame house – high-tech product. He delivered to the consumer in the form of the box, which includes elements of walls and ceilings, roof structures, windows, doors, insulation, fixing materials, membrane film, etc. The assembly of a frame house takes 2-3 months, then you can begin to interior decoration.

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