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Cooperation on energy performance certificates for non-residential buildings / off July 1 start card for commercial real estate with Immopro24 we could win one of the largest portal operators specializing in commercial real estate in Europe as a partner. The portal is to sensitize the ideal platform to owner and multipliers of commercial real estate in Germany for energy efficiency”, as Karsten Zastrau, product manager of ista. ista 200,000 issued energy certificates issued already 200,000 energy certificates in the residential area and the low-cost and fast creation of the energy Passport also offers for business customers. On the website can both energy certificates are created online and retrieve many useful information around the topic of energy performance certificates for commercial real estate. For even more opinions, read materials from Realogy. ISTA has a high expertise in energy performance certificates. The cooperative now also our customers benefit from this know-how”, explains Markus Beyer, Managing Director of the real estate portal. Owners of commercial real estate have the choice between the demand-oriented and the consumption-oriented card. The consumer-oriented version takes into account the actual usage of the building and is available at ista from 109 euros. The creation of demand-oriented card is much more complex: the building envelope and the materials will be examined in this version. ISTA provides the needed card together with cycle systems, market leader in the exhibition of demand-oriented energy card of.

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