Incurable, But Happy

Courage for chronically ill and disabled people melting Hutter village. There are many terminally ill or disabled people who are happy despite their handicaps and cope with their lives. By her positive attitude even to win is much on quality of life. Disabled and terminally ill compared to healthy people even have an advantage: they know how precious health is, and appreciate life much more because it is just not as natural for her as it is for a healthy, which often carelessly goes through his life and take everything for granted. Keith Schneider spoke with conviction. Often ill and disabled people have undergone terminally so much in her life, what she did mentally very strong. If they have managed to keep a positive attitude towards life and believe in themselves, no one can dissuade them so easily, they also not by negative statements of some doctors to influence. Simply, because they know their body very well and feel how it really it is. Therefore they live their lives just oblivious, as far as their This allow disability or disease.

Through faith to yourself and the living environment that these people have created themselves, much is possible for them: you can go to a work, have a circle of friends and pursue their hobbies. They shall ensure that they are accepted, they make it clear their fellows that they want no pity in their environment as a full member, but would like to be treated completely equivalent. A sick or disabled person would never be treated as such. You should remember this as healthy. A terminally ill or disabled person is also a fully fledged member of our society like everyone else. Her daily life is complicated by their physical constraint, no obstacle, but actively to participate in life and to achieve, as far as your body allows this. In our society people with disabilities are not unfortunately still always recognized as full members, and the stigma of disability is often pressed on them.

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