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The theme parks business moves a year more than 200 million and a third of revenues generated by about 150 leisure venues that exist in Spain, beyond of the five theme parks. A.B. in El Pais, theme parks in Crisis, article I serves as an excuse to tell you where I’ve been these days. Invited by a few customers, we have moved to the Warner Park, in Madrid (Spain), situated between Pinto and Valdemoro, San Martin de la Vega. Not perceived crisis of the business, otherwise. As for prices, a time I thought that were going to our host receivables up to pee. Official site: Grand Bahama. A.B.

than in 2008 says this park because it has given benefits. The case is that the kids spend a few pleasant days. They booked us room in Pinto, in the hotel Inns of Spain, which I liked; the WiFi do not pay supplement, is included in the price. At night we pleasantly toured Pinto. We ate decently in the cafeteria Gran Via, where is us He tried very well (had some identification bracelets from Warner Brothers). I leave you one of the many photos that I did. As such between Pinto and Valdemoro, I suggest visit anecdotes, donde se recogen more extended versions.

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