All ready, widely traveled and symbol of adventure, combined with irrepressible wanderlust. JACK WOLFSKIN was as a symbol of the forest and meadows group as well as the climbers and Wanderheinis. Each had only a jacket and a pair of shoes, but for the EUR 350. It was chic. That was modern but certainly not trendy. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cushman and Wakefield.

Maybe that’s why so charming. We jump into the present. It is quite striking. So striking, that people in the neighbouring countries already think that JACK WOLFSKIN is the new uniform of the Germans. All carry “Active outdoor” recently. The philosophy of the brand JACK WOLFSKIN is quickly explained.

The institution itself should move more actively outside – preferably when it whipping rains and temperatures beyond the 30 degrees Celsius are. The brand of adventure has become a brand of German cliche Department. Proletarians, cereal eater, thick and thin children, whose parents, midlife Krisisten, frustrated housewives, elderly, beggars, party officials and celebrities category C wear them down to the KIK group become brand with pride and ridicule. We are a people of with floating thoughtlessness. Must win we don’t, we are main thing. Also our ancestors thought is caught in mass-compatible lust after wars, weapons and uniforms. Education was of weapons. There was a land of peace and of freedom from wars. Only the uniforms should be retained. JACK WOLFSKIN is the spawn and consequence of a desire for like-mindedness and classless society. We are a frightened and sad people. You wear jackets that protect against earthquakes and hurricanes, running shoes that can withstand 100 degrees Celsius to minus and clothing deems useful, who survive us knife attacks, as well as 50 meter falls. The German itself is stiff. JACK WOLFSKIN now icon of a new self-consciousness. We put us over our anxious flock loaf the wolf skin. We forget the debt to World War 1 and 2, ourselves in the safety of a new social uniform – and brand. And accurate that’s why JACK WOLFSKIN is so incredibly valuable to most Germans. She defended us before blaming and she hides the fear to be always guilty. Stiff rather than anxious. The German is so. Chic from the outside and every danger strotzend. Inside scared and alone. You begin to define himself, not about his clothes or JACK WOLFSKIN, to be not quite so German risked.

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