Julian Zet

Operators of dive centres even report that the corruption of the coast guard was no longer present after the overthrow. Many users and users reported in the last two weeks in diving were Forum at divePIT that the trips run to Egypt without any problems. But as relaxed the situation in Egypt is really? Currently, Egypt is run by a transitional Government of the military. To broaden your perception, visit Twin Cities. The elections will only take place in a few months. It looks currently in fact afterwards, that the situation has calmed completely. There has been virtually no violence, the inhabitants and residents of Egypt are happy about the overthrow.

Questionable is currently doing, how the situation will look like when a new Government was formed only once. It is difficult to make predictions about. It is sure to assume that diving can be also easily pursued. Einereits created the most tourist towns less than 30 years ago and very few Egyptians actually live in these cities. The workers at the hotels travel, for example, every two or three weeks for a couple of days by half Egypt at their hometown.

Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam employs no people from these cities. So, no riots in these cities will take place, because the employees of own income would be depriving themselves of. On the other hand, tourism is important emminent for Egypt. So stands or falls on the entire economy with tourism. Therefore, it is virtually inconceivable that the airports, for example, be blocked flights from Marsa Alam or Hurghada. Therefore can Taucherinnnen and divers dive probably many years the beautiful dive sites of the Red Sea. This is not sure but of course. There in the online dive magazine by divePIT for current information about the location of diving in Egypt.

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