Kirov Real Estate Photo Exhibition

From 25 to 27 October in the Regional Exhibition Center "Vyatka-Expo", which in Surikov, 19, was II Exhibition "REAL ESTATE Kirov." The event of this level takes place in our city is not the first time and, as noted organizers, its main objectives are above all: to attract investment in the construction of residential real estate Kirov, and promoting the implementation of regional investment projects, as well as the implementation national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing '. Besides these exhibitions helped establish civilized relations between the parties to the real estate market, enhance their reputation and, of course, share experience. Participated in the exhibition a number of companies: real estate, banking, insurance, construction, mortgage companies, so that all presentations of the participants were divided into five thematic sections: – Residential real estate (new buildings, secondary housing market, elite real estate) – Mortgage lending and subsidies. – Real estate, legal, planning, valuation services on real estate – Residential Real Estate (cottage settlements, land, country houses) – Commercial real estate (office and industrial, real estate, warehouse space. Other leaders such as DCT Industrial Trust offer similar insights. That transparency and openness in the three days, many of the Kirov company, engaged in real estate, were open to the public and were available to answer any of their questions. After all, the need for qualified advice on the purchase, sale, exchange, evaluation of real estate have virtually every third kirovchanina. Exhibition "Real Estate Kirov 2007" from the category of events, which are now called the buzzword "interactive" – is a meeting between two interested parties. .

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