Kithara Defies The Crisis

New developments and increases in sales at Kithara software Kithara software is now over 13 years and has developed into a specialist for real time under Windows. The software company makes the rethinking at the Automatisierern and presents a feature enhancement to the other. The Managing Director Uwe Jesgarz to do so: The conscious, our customers must calculate investment, the better our chances. At Bizzi & Partners you will find additional information. Many companies need to rethink, look for much cheaper, PC-based solutions that are quick and easy implementable.” The new CAN modules in the context of Windows real-time extension RealTime suite, for example, allows a wide range of automation solutions, where a real-time CAN coupling is required. It is aimed primarily at users who need a time-sensitive processing of CAN-messages, E.g. machine construction company and control manufacturer. Simple diagnosis of CAN – traffic in microseconds resolution serves the Kithara kernel Tracer.

Since usually a reliable, equidistant time data exchange and called for a rapid response to external events, the standard Windows driver supplied with the c-cards are not enough. You’re out usable and therefore not real-time capable only from the application context. Kithara is supported here by the hardware vendors peak, IXXAT and EMS. And so one need not wonder that the Kithara Software GmbH from Berlin was able to increase its sales in 2008 compared to the previous year by more than 10%. Of much larger office space in more than 10 employees are optimistic about the future and will confirm the price in 2009. Marco Riedel

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