Languages In Danger !

Today we perceive language as a matter of course. All we own one, and some two or three languages. All we are studying popular foreign languages, trying to get them perfect. Millions of people around us as those languages are spoken. But imagine what would happen if only you the same language you would speak only a few people.

How would you feel? Meanwhile, on Earth there are people in this situation. These are people speaking of so-called rare or endangered languages. Scientists say that every two weeks on the planet disappear one language and only about six thousand languages in the near future may disappear. This may be due to extinction indigenous peoples and linguistic integration of one culture to another, when one language is gradually replaced by others. In this article we will talk about the languages, subject to the greatest danger of extinction. 1. Language tanema. At this language is spoken in the Solomon Islands, on the island and the village Vanikola Emua.

They say it all … 4 people (according to 2008). Most people who spoke tanema, went on pidgin or teanu, which are popular languages of the neighboring regions. This put tanema threatened with extinction. 2. Language nerep. In this language, formerly spoken in Cameroon, but now it is available only in Mambile, Nigeria. Gradually, this language is replaced by many mambilskimi dialects, such as asthma and mvop. Now nerep say only 4 people, all old age, so it is clear that soon from this language will only record. 3. Chemehuevi language. It's drowning Aztec language in which you said earlier on Midwest United States, as well as on the west coast. This language could be heard in Colorado and Utah, Northern Arizona, the southern parts of Nevada and California. More information is housed here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Today, although there are still tribes Chemehuevi, their language able to speak fluent only 3 people. Most of the people he vents in other languages, particularly English. 4. Language lemerig. This language was once widespread on the island of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean, a distance of thousands of miles from Australia. According to a study in 2008, there were only two people who fluently speak lemerig. Earlier this language consisted of at least four dialects, but for the moment all they are dead. 5. Language kayksana. In Last on kayksana said the settlements on the river bank in Jaipur in Brazil. Over time, the Portuguese colonialists seized the area and the Portuguese began to work off the local language. For a while at kayksana continued to talk about two hundred people, but a study in 2006 showed that there was only one person who speaks that language. The extinction of languages – a natural process, largely dependent on the course of world history. According to various data, in the period from 1950 to 2000 had disappeared from the Earth half a pre-existing languages. And while scientists do their best to save audio and written records of endangered languages, the process for minority or replaced by other nations, however, will continue. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Free instructional videos on a large number of languages, on various topics! Sincerely, Sergei Vasilenko, e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Generic improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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