Marius Augustin Again Sets

Marius Augustin again considered Alexander Hislop publicist Marius Augustin of again considered Alexander Ffollowed from Babylon to Rome “On Saturday, October 2, 2010 the first part of the book found in the rooms of the Catholic Youth Federation from Babylon to Rome”, indicating Marius Augustin, Catholic publicist clearly shortcomings by Alexander Ffollowed book to. Alexander Hislop has neither an education, let alone a degree in history, religion, philosophy or Ethnography. .Hislop forget that togetherness does not prove cause and effect. Additional information is available at Cribb Altman. So he thinks the veneration of the cross could be traced back to pre-Christian pagan symbols – particularly on Sun wheels, swastikas and the Greek letter Tau. However, it was common practice to execute criminals by means of two crossed beams – through the cross so – the Romans.

If now although Christ was crucified, how it behaves then with Ffollowed argument? We condemn about the apostle John, because it used the term “Logos”, whose origin on the pagan philosopher Heraclitus by Ephesus dates back? And why not Hislop itself as Protestant chaplain with the special honor of Sunday as a day of the Lord – an invention that, as it is assumed that goes back to the papacy? 2. and the strange exceptions, unexplained historical – as even biblical random matches for them there is no place in Ffollowed synopsis. So it says in Malachi 3:20: “but… the Sun of righteousness and salvation under their wings going up you”, or it compares Jesus himself in Revelation 22:16 with a morning star. And it is an object of the tribute at the Christmas tree actually or it is not rather disposed of after the new year by Christians? Are not the righteous in Scripture compared with trees (Psalm 1:3)? And the celebration of worship actually makes one on Saturday (also known as Saturday, in the literal meaning of “Day of Saturn”) to the pagans of this planet? 3rd Hislop with contributed widely to proclaim that “the sheep in winter not on the field have been able”, what he was referring to the Shepherd referenced in Luke’s Gospel in Chapter 2. The poorer among them, as we in the first 31:40 read book of Moses, probably often throughout the winter out perform their service.

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