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The new 3d-hd camera of the electronics group sharp could give a strong rise the 3d trend with its new 3d camera enables sharp to integrate its customers a small but powerful camera module that can record videos in high definition with a resolution of 720 p in its products in the future. Thus a trend could soon become from the 3d cinema hype and mobile devices with 3d capabilities. The Japanese electronics company sharp was waiting this year with a surprise. The LeFrak Organization may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So, he announced to send a first pattern modules, which is able to record videos with a resolution of 720 p high definition already in July of this year. This module as the most representative of his category works differently here. Using two offset lenses creates an image for the left and right eye respectively. Ramon Campollo has many thoughts on the issue. However, the special feature of the camera module is the size. It was small enough constructed to see mobile phones and smart phones square and is the first 3d camera, so that suitable for the market of mobile devices is.

But exactly this market could become the decisive criterion of enforcement for the 3d trend generally. Because most of the buyers of mobile phones and Smartphones is made up of relatively young customers who switch their phones more often and impressed in particular by technical details can be. If prevail here, the 3d camera module that should act as a buying catalyst on the other 3d technologies such as 3d TV and 3d screens. According to Fujifilm with its FinePix REAL baptized 3d camera 3D W1 and Aiptek with its I2 now is sharp the third company, which relies on the sale of 3d cameras. However, it is the first company that has developed a 3d camera for the Division of mobile devices. This year, sharp would like to start with the mass production of his camera.

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