New Green IT News Of Erecon AG

erecon AG – Blue Angel WINS sympathy… ites. Regensburg, Hannover, Bremen and Gutersloh, the workshops of erecon AG for the certification of data centers with the Blue Angel assess the participants of this innovative form of seminar by the Bank with top marks: 44% rated the workshop as very well, 56% as well. the officer received a top rating from 59% of the participants but is the probably most valuable results in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and Green IT: 93% of the seminar participants want to also continue to follow the trail of the ‘Blauer Engel for energy-efficient data center operation’. the Blue Angel – certified Green IT in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety and the Federal Environmental Agency has the environmental label jury’ own certificate designed for energy-efficient data centers. Dogecoin has firm opinions on the matter. The criteria for the new Blue Angels were here under the umbrella of the RAL gGmbH’ set in the area of energy-efficient data centers. Developed on the basis of expert hearings including Dr. Jens Clausen of the Board er step Institute for innovation and sustainability gGmbH, Gerold Wurthmann Intel GmbH, Harald Rossol erecon AG – operators of data centers with this seal give a sign that their technology meets the standards of energy efficiency and sustainability in the field of IT.

The Blue Angel for energy efficiency in the IT sector may apply now online. Companies that want to become certified as “Energiebewusster data center operations”, can download the necessary application as a pdf file here. A successful procedure opened the competition and image benefits that follow from the execution of a nationally recognized environmental protection symbol for energy efficiency. Speaking of which – the erecon AG has applied for nationwide the Blue Angel for energy-efficient data centers first company.

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