Oil Companies

By the end of 1996 banks have the right to buy is in their control actions. This created the prospect of converting all the oil companies to private entities. At this stage, the stage Parishes in Financiers oil and gas industry, it is natural that the supply industry has become one of the primary issues. As the saying goes, “nobody knows how to count money better than the people making the money.” Question supply was at the forefront, while “five year plans”, “State Planning” and other leapfrog when it was possible to write off the failure of the timing of projects in various “allied”, has passed. Whenever jim kingery listens, a sympathetic response will follow. There was a new time, a time at which all lives global business. For the third stage of reforming the structure of oil and gas complex of Russia more characteristic of the redistribution of property rights to the assets of enterprises and companies, which intensified the political factors.

Oil and gas industry is based on pipeline transport, transportation, shipping a product to the place of processing and distribution units to the end user. Great value for pipeline Transport of SDT (pipe fittings) such as flanges, reducers, tees, flange screws, washers. Do not forget about the flange fasteners: stud, nut, bolt, washer. As to the connection parts and fasteners are presented to a very high technical demands associated with the specific pipeline used in oil and gas industry. Technical requirements for the SJT, described in the basic state standards: ATC 24.2. These standards apply to steel flanges welded, flanges, pipes and fittings pipeline components, as well as mounting flanges pipe fittings, connecting parts of machines, devices, sockets, receptacles and vehicles and tanks.

For pipeline mounting: hairpins and one-sided Bilateral for flanged joints of steam and gas turbines, steam boilers, pipes and pipe fittings, valves. Very important is the steel used in the manufacture of flange fasteners and flanges themselves as objects of pipelines often pass in the Far North in permafrost conditions, chemically aggressive soils. This entailed the use of of high, stainless and acid resistant steels and alloys. Of course, the grade of steel used, and even strict adherence to Standard in the production process does not determine the reliability of the supplier. Selecting a reliable partner – fundamental principle of modern business, especially in such an important and costly industry as pipe fittings and valves. By investing every penny, every cent, modern entrepreneur-businessman expects to make a profit, but it needs to be on time and efficiently executed project, resulting in the end not only to orders within the country, but also to foreign contracts. Naturally, this leads to increased external economic prestige and authority of the state of the country, able to perform complex multi-billion dollar international projects.

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