Paramount to fix on the Parquet budget aspect is the material. We have 3 options: solid wood, wood laminate and multi-layered. Once determined the material, it is crucial to add in the budget, pointing out faithfully the choices, as the type of wood, finish, total thickness, the mounting system and noble layer for the multilayer thickness, also would have to incorporate the reference of the manufacturer. Wood solid is made only with natural wood. entions similar findings. Solid hardwoods will be between 15 and 21 mm in thickness. Depending on its thickness, the slats can fix with glue to the floor, for less thick slats or nailing on timber battens of more thickness. Almost all are already varnished. Wooden multi layer in addition to the layer of natural wood, which will determine its appearance and strength, laying down other layers of different materials and thicknesses, which serve as support.

It is made by adding a layer of varnish that provides resistance to wear. Learn more about this with adverum. Its installation is floating, i.e., resting on a polyethylene film that insulates and leveling the ground. By lo that it is usually called laminate flooring. The bulk of the set has a 14 millimetres, of which only around 4 mm 3 correspond to the top layer, the only one that can subsequently be sanded. Laminate pressed on which adhere a decorative coating that simulates wood is manufactured by sheets of wood fibers. A decorative photo copy which simulates different kinds of Woods is pasted on a sheet of high density wood. This replica is protected with a few layers of melamine resin transparent which is resistant to wear and tear, impact, burns and exposure to sunlight.

You can not sanding or varnishing. To properly decide the material budget parquet is necessary to analyse the various options of materials according to the destination, because it has to pay attention to choose the material of the kitchen so as bath, and also for greater transit zones, as corridors, and those which we will use as the salon. For the bathroom and kitchen will have to choose a conditioning material or which makes it possible to treat against moisture. For areas of greatest use is decided by a material with the adequate wear resistance. Also, has to differentiate between the trade and domestic use (Office, shop or trade), because we must not only assess the endurance to wear, and also blows. Once carried out the comparison of materials, it is very appropriate to reflect in the budget Parquet, selected material specifying their characteristics, also the model and manufacturer. We facilitate the recruitment of professionals for the installation or replacement of the parquet. Parquet budget budget laminate flooring

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