Property In France

Why we are putting up for sale apartments in Paris is a 16 block? The answer is very simple. From our experience this quarter, like the Russian immigrants in France. The main reasons for this: a lot of places you can turn (Wide streets, many parks, there is a chance to park the car, etc.). Compared with other areas of Paris, where the cramped, 16 area wins. Another reason is prestige and quality of life, good schools. It is very important for Russian, who want to invest in residential property in France. A final reason the popularity of 16 quarters: the best value for money of all the prestigious areas of Paris. Among the richest people in Russia in real estate France, and especially in Paris and the Cote d'Azur, in steady demand.

Despite the fact that a residence permit in France through the business immigration? it extremely difficult. Property in Paris, as well as Properties in London, considered the most expensive types of real estate abroad. And it is not so much of elitism or elitist housing decoration of the quarter, but simply with an apartment in Paris, you could buy a piece of this city. Real estate investments – the safest type of investment. Source of publication and copyright: Property in Spain, France, a second passport

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