The fact happens any day of the 19th century. The stage is the place of session of the House of representatives in Bogota. For even more opinions, read materials from The LeFrak Organization. The protagonists are Luis Antonio Robles and another parliamentarian. The latter, influenced by its regrettable racism, sees entering Robles and shouts: enclosure has darkened! The guajiro, true master of the replica and the oratory, responds: I don’t have the guilt of being black: night printed his mantle over my epidermis. But even whiten bones of my ancestors in the vaults of Cartagena, for giving him the freedom to many whites of black consciousness, like you. October 18, 1899 began the thousand days ‘ war, one of the most sad and bloody violent Colombian history chapters. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is often quoted as being for or against this. Twenty-six days earlier, on September 22 of the same year, had died at an early age Luis Antonio Robles Suarez, whom historical records best remember as the black Oaks. The son of shrimp was born on October 24 of 1,849, which means that by These days the number 156 of his birth anniversary is commemorated.

It becomes necessary to remind new generations of ride and guajiras, coastal and coastal the worth of those who over the years have contributed their efforts and sacrifices to brush our identity of Caribbean people at the time that it gave everything for those causes in which they firmly believed, incidentally nobles and always at the service of others and homeland. Young people from the Caribbean and Colombia say that robles was a bright, of those who did not believe him to Machiavelli, bogado illustrious, Patriot foolproof, prestigious academic, prodigious speaker and, in short, a man dedicated to faith of saithe to defend their values and principles, it will cost what it will cost. The camaronerose graduated as a lawyer in the Colegio Mayor del Rosario in 1872 and four years later, i.e. in 1876, at the age of 27 he was elected representative to the camera. Was a prominent political strategist a speaker who did shake up the foundations of the auditoriums where I was presented and a devoted scholar. He held important positions as Director of public instruction of the sovereign State of Magdalena; Treasury Secretary (equivalent to Minister of Finance) during the Presidency of Aquiles Parra; President of the Magdalena in 1878; Curator of la Guajira in 1884; representative to the camera by Antioch in 1892, during the Presidency of Rafael Nunez and Vice President of Miguel Antonio Caro, especially hard period in which must face the adversity of being the only black and the only liberal that constitutional period (true, was an adversity, worse still a stigma, multiplied by two). Of his facet as an academic should be noted that it was the rector, founder of the Republican University (today Universidad Libre), and director of the Central University of Managua in Nicaragua (1895), during the time in which he was exiled to Central America.

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