Role Models

By the infinite possibilities of a teacher an appeal to our models of creatures and worlds text: Peter Breier as organized every year in this spring the music teacher of the Carl-Bosch-Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen a great musical festival in the boar Hall, the largest Hall in the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein. On four evenings a huge programme was rehearsed with orchestras in the school, with the dance group under the leadership of Mrs Miriam Wogh, the choir, and with some singers now has gained considerable attention in the city of Ludwigshafen. 800 students from all grade levels of the school counted only 1200 students were involved in a highly demanding programme. Here, Lincoln Property expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This means that in addition to the daily homework hundreds of students for weeks have been working on this great program. It was a journey… In the first part, the passenger went down into the depths of Ray Bradburies of distant thunder”with A prehistoric suite of by composer of Paul Jennings and got to see those battles the giant of prehistoric times and especially to listen, of course only in the musical version. Sublime and almost life-size pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and Triceratops stared into the audience, where the last bitter battle on the two giant video screens provided on the dance stage two. A grand finale for the junior wind band we prepared Will Rock you”(May) the room literally shook. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steffan Lehnhoff on most websites.

Followed the cello ensemble with faraway how far, the symphonic wind Orchestra, as well as the Big Band with the hits of Michael Jackson (thriller) and Steve Wonder (Sir Duke). The intermediate Orchestra took over, following that with Bellingrath gardens, landmark Overture and you can’t stop the beat (sung by Kim Steiner and Mary-Anne Brollochs). The moderation of the summer night was organised by Lieselotte Mayer and Carolin Werner, two pupils of CBGs. It continued after the break already adventurous with dance of the vampires, the breathtaking musical, which presented the Symphony Orchestra.

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