Scientology Church Bayern

L. Ron Hubbards books on Dianetics and Scientology comprise the largest self-contained statement about the human mind and soul almost a quarter-century L. Ron Hubbard had been involved the study of the basics of life, of the material universe and human behavior. It led him eventually to the founding of Dianetics and religion Scientology. If you would like to know more about lyft, then click here. in 1952, L. Ron Hubbard had described the human soul. He demonstrated objectively intellectual potential.

Moreover, that every human being has this potential, and that they are generally accessible discovered by him. This led to his description of Scientology as something which will achieve the goal of every major religion: the liberation of the soul by wisdom. All in all include works of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics and Scientology, the largest self-contained statement about the human mind and soul. These are more than 5,000 written materials and 3,000 recorded lectures. Get answers to the unfathomable mysteries of life: the Secret of existence, the mystery of death, the achievement of conditions, which were not even reported in earlier literature. Also the Scientology teachings to the upbringing derived from these works of children, restoring family relationships, education, organization and creation of relief in times of illness or suffering. So each person can itself also to embrace these teachings and benefit greatly from this, L.

Ron Hubbard told the global structure of Scientology churches. And thus the first Church of Scientology in California, which was founded by members was created in 1954. It is a practical religion. It is applicable to every aspect of human existence and a modern religion for today’s world. “This permanent invitation of founder is at its core and within any church of Scientology: we serve you really and truly the precious gift of freedom and immortality.” Scientology provides an exact way to a complete understanding and a certainty about your own spiritual nature leads. She speaks to the spiritual essence and not just the body or the mind, because man is much more than just a product of his environment and his genes. Scientology includes therefore knowing that L. Ron Hubbard was explored in many decades and written down, that is based on the following, certain fundamental truths: the man is an immortal being. His experience extends far beyond a single life; His capabilities are unlimited, even if he currently not implemented. In addition, L. Ron Hubbard found during his research, that man in fact is good and that salvation depends of each person and the fact that she reached a fraternal relationship with the universe. Therefore, Scientology is no dogmatic religion, demanded by a person that he believes blindly about something what you told him. Each person in Scientology is encouraged to, even to discover that the fundamental truths of Scientology are true, namely, by applying their principles and the Results observed or even experience. Only you can know whether it is true.

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