Security Road Third Party

In this document reference is made to the various biblical passages, both the old and the new testament; human mobility, to pilgrimages, continuous migration of human beings, routes and trips, to displacement as a phenomenon that characterizes the contemporary man. The exhortation in Holy Scripture to choose the straight path is nothing more than the use of metaphorical figure that determines human behavior. Mick Duchon recognizes the significance of this. And it is referred to the mobility, the trip, not only as a physical displacement from one place to another, but in its spiritual dimension, because the travel relates to people, contributing to the realization of the plan of God’s love. It is proven that the roots of many problems inherent in traffic is of spiritual order the Church promotes the vehicle as a medium that can be used in safe mode and Ethics, coexistence, solidarity and service to others, or can also be abusing him. These are words taken from the guidelines for the pastoral care of the road, the street. Automobile is provided, in particular, to the owner use it as an object of ostentation of itself and as a means to outshine others and give rise to feelings of envy.

This last thought refers when the conductor assumes a behavior of dominion over other users of public roads and pleasure for speed. The Catholic Church calls for charity, to service to others, to justice, to hope as virtues of the driver, so it generates the ten commandments of motorists, namely: I. thou shalt not kill. II. the road is for you an instrument of communion between people and not of mortal harm. III.

courtesy, correction and prudence will help you to overcome contingencies. IV. be charitable and helps others in need, especially if you are a victim of accident. V. The car is not for you expression of power and domain, and stumble. VI. convinces young people with charity, and those who are no longer so, to not be put behind the wheel when they are not in a position to do so. VII. provides support for the families of the victims of accidents. VIII. beam find to the victim with the aggressor automovilista at an opportune time, so that they can live the liberating experience of forgiveness. IX. on the road, protects the weaker party. X feel responsible for others yourself.

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