Social Quadrant

Results and Quarrels As the carried through research of field, amongst the collected data of the four evaluated quadrants: Social, Affective, Professional and Health, the two first ones had presented successes two last ones had indicated failures. The Social quadrant has value of reference 09 points, that is, if the average presented for these quadrants will be equal or superior the 09 mean success in the result. The average found for this quadrant was of 12,7 points, indicating social success. The Affective quadrant presents as reference the equal or superior value the 08 points, being thus the result of the average of the 03 inventories was of 9,3 points, also indicating success in this area. The third quadrant, the Professional, has as value of equal or superior reference the 05 points, thus the results gotten in this quadrant was of 3,3 points, pointing professional failure. The room and last quadrant, the Health, have reference of equal or superior value the 09 points. However, it presented average of 8,7 points, also indicating failure.

Considering that the Social quadrant and the Affective one satisfactorily had been taken care of, it can be said that the participants have quality of life in what if she relates to the social environment where they are inserted, as well as feel and deal with the situations presented in its daily lives. Apud is confirmed such assertive by means of the Loyal author (2008) Saucers et al (1998) which says that the quality of life is on with the form as the people live, feels and understands its daily one. Moreover, the author presents some aspects that the quality of life of a citizen composes, amongst these is the education, the transport and the housing, that is, involves everything what he brings benefits that are necessary for the individual. Corroborating with this idea, the PNUD writers (1990) apud Minayo, Hartz and Buss (2000) attribute to the quality of life, the meaning of an approach of the degree of satisfaction that if finds in the familiar life, loving, social and ambient.

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