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Dr. Ferdije Ali Etemi thanked, 10 years after the war, collaboration with IPF and Caritas, on the basis of which over 20 kindergartens and the training of educators at the University of Prishtina. Beatrice Rutishauser tells of the emergency developed with IPF and peace education in the Balkans. The innovative project has received 3-year unconditional accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Council in the summer. Professor Dr. Ulrike Hohmann told Plymouth by the British University of the State of lifelong learning”and master can take students, the where parallel job and education. The project has gained educational innovation award 2010 of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training in Germany this year. Anja Puhlmann, Director of the Moreno Institute told of a new master project in the field of applied psychology.

Finally, Professor Dott sent written greetings from America. Dr. Dr. Dr. Roland Benedikter by the two world’s top rated California universities Stanford San Francisco and UCLA in Los Angeles, United States the with IPF in the development of a pilot doctoral project conducts research and publishes. Prof. Dr.

Dr. Gerald Huther, neurobiologist was then at the universities of Gottingen, Heidelberg and Mannheim of last guest speaker Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerald Huther, neurobiologist at the universities of Gottingen and Mannheim as well as Scientific Advisory Board of com-UNIC and sense Foundation Chairman. Children affected among other things by its project for ADHD known in the population at large in the mountains with the aim to restrict the drug delivery to these children. Prof. Dr. Huther demanded the end of resources-terms of use-Gesellschaft”in favour of a development so that people are mutually reinforcing. A culture that never gave it. About the invite, encourage, and inspire children become self-erfindende learning”the children promoted a big target in raising children. The charismatic speaker, called on those present to build small islands, where people once again invited to develop their potential. The secret of the success of this Developments lie, as Prof. Dr. Huther, compulsory in the community. These tendencies would be dynamically supported by both companies and so he moved the loop: we celebrate a 10th anniversary and at the same time a beginning! Dated cheers, a fusion of the IPF Multiversity with the com-UNIC group takes place at the same time, because both companies complement each other in their objectives perfectly.

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