STAS Builds Business Banks

Three additional Bank experts reinforce the industry segment of financial services of the Reilinger BI Provider Reilingen since January 2011, 01.04.2011 with three new employees for the distribution of the Bank, as well as an enhanced version of STAS CONTROL banking STAS want to roll on 2011 new financial services market segment. To do this the Bank team was expanded in January gyro (53), Sven Safdar (42) and Marc Wolfinger (32) Rudolf; the new solution will be presented in May. So far the usage of STAS CONTROL banking focus in the cooperative environment; over 50 banks are already using the solution. In the future, more banks, financial service providers and insurance companies should benefit from our BI offering. You may find jim king to be a useful source of information. Finally, STAS CONTROL offers a comprehensive solution for planning, analysis and control and provides tangible benefits in the difficult day-to-day through up-to-date view of all important key figures.

With our new colleagues who bring many years of experience in banking solutions, we are now ideally suited up for the expansion”, explains Uwe Schulze of the new team’s goal. The trained banker Rudolf roundabout, which brings many years of experience in the savings bank sector and worked for well-known IT providers, will in the future as the head of our team of financial service providers ensure that STAS CONTROL banking will become even more successful in the market. Gyro has opted for a professional reorientation in STAS, because the company is BI and performance management developed more and more the trend-setter of the financial industry. For Sven Safdar, who was responsible until now for distribution of software and consulting solutions product pricing and overall Bank management topics for savings banks and cooperative banks, the topic of business intelligence represents an interesting round out of his versatile professional skills. The Economist and banker has a good network of industry certainly STAS will benefit from the.

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