Taken Care

The skin of our face is as important as the one of our body. We worried to take care of it to see us well. But he is sufficient everything what we do? What we more need to know on the cares of the skin of the face? Before nothing you must know what type of skin you have, or dry, greasy, mixed, normal or sensible. After you know what type of skin you have you must follow the following cares: To wash to your face with a soap or gel indicated for your type of skin. Nevertheless, you must consider that is not good often for washing to the day the face, because it can damage the superficial layer of the skin. The best thing is to use creams makeup removers, soon a tonificante and echarte a humectante cream. If you are going to leave by day, especially this summer, you must use blocking a suitable one for your skin. In the market it is possible to be known like fotoprotectores, solar screens or filters.

You must use them still more if salts in the hours of greater solar radiation, than are of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. But not only the blocking one will cause that our skin is not damaged or it sees well. Aid to protect to us of the radiations, of rays UVA/UVB, but is not sufficient. Especially in the zones of the mountain range of the country or places where all the year there is sun. You must use sun lenses, but not those that sell in the streets and that to save leave us to money more expensive to the end, because they do not have a protection against the rays UVB or GRAPE. Then it is as if we were not using anything, because they will not protect to us. He is better to buy them in a confidence store and to invest a little more.

To thus they will last us more and they will protect to us of the damages of the sun in the zones of the skin that surrounds the eyes, since she is one of the most sensible zones of our body. Another complement is to use caps or hats that will also protect all the face to us. You already know that the blocking one is not sufficient and the use of hats will help us to protect to us until a 70% of the sun.

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