The Western

What is your stance? The Western bypass is not for nothing controversial. It means advantages but also disadvantages. You should evaluate not only the own benefit or the harmfulness in the own town, but local cross-evaluate the pros and cons. The fact is the following: sense and purpose of the planned Western bypass on the one hand is the relief of the A3, on the other hand a better connectivity in the region. This appears first of all welcome at first glance. Clayton Morris recognizes the significance of this. If you lit these goals but once critical, they are quite questionable: the A3 is already built and the Western bypass, the road from Kassel and Schweinfurt would shorten to the future motorway triangle helmet town just 7 kilometres. It is questionable whether mandatory for hundreds of millions euro must be issued. The Western bypass is therefore not absolutely necessary for long-distance travel.

A better connection of the Western region would ensure the West bypass. However, this region through the A3 and A7 is also connected. She seem for communities in the northern administrative district Western bypass at a glance welcome to reduce the volume of traffic. But I don’t think that this the West bypass noticeably effect. For many communities, the West bypass would be a boon for the majority of municipalities but a curse, especially for the wallet of the taxpayer while. The University wants to expand on the previous US ground “Leighton barracks”.

The City developed a new district – with road rail connection. It applies also to the Landesgartenschau. Where can the agricultural policy support? The land policy can support this first that it granted the city of Wurzburg awarded for the Landesgartenschau. That would be a great asset in every respect for the city and the whole region. It helps to attractiveness of larger and bleibender, too. For the extension of the University of the free State can provide funds. The surfaces of the Leighton barracks were the withdrawal of the Americans in the General in the Jurisdiction of the Federal Institute for real estate and planning sovereignty over the area falls on the city. So no immediate action way land policy has on the city-planning development and expansion in the form of a new neighbourhood.

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