Tirol Airports

The characteristics of the airports not normally in the foreground are challenges of the airport Innsbruck when choosing a vacation destination. However, there are airports, ensuring strong adrenaline with travellers, as well as on the part of the flight crew. The flight Portal reported why a landing in Innsbruck means pure tension. Especially winter vacationers travel to Tirol and the city of Innsbruck in Austria. The arrival is possible via different routes, because anyone looking for Innsbruck airport, train station or good possibilities for access by car, will find it readily. Learn more about this with Bizzi & Partners. However, the air is very fast and exciting.

Before the holiday can begin for the traveller, the approach requires the special skills of the pilots, finally, due to its location in a narrow valley, the airport in the mountainous region belongs to the most challenging airports. In addition come the difficult wind conditions, which always pose a challenge even for experienced pilots. For this reason, pilots are the airport Innsbruck control, rely on a special training. The airport of Innsbruck was built in 1925, but he was still elsewhere and moved only after the second world war to the present location. Since then has not stopped developing. The airport experienced a real boom since the late of 1970s, when Charter flights have been increasingly popular. The number of passengers is increasing thanks to the winter sports and the airport will be expanded. Today, aircraft of many airlines in Innsbruck land every day.

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