Training With Clicker

Clicker training is a wonderful technique to train your dog. The magic of this technique lies in the ease and speed with which you can get changes in the behavior of your dog. It is also a technique so much fun that you will look like you’re only playing with your dog. This is the ideal technique if you have little or no experience training dogs. Although it is not obligatory to have a clicker to apply this technique, it is recommended that you have one. A clicker is a small box that makes click-click when you hit it. Keep in mind that click means press the clicker to make sound. How it works with clicker training with clicker training is based on the classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Jim kingery will not settle for partial explanations.

First you have to apply the classical conditioning, causing your dog to associate the sound of the clicker with something nice (usually food). What follows is easy. Everytime your dog running behavior that you want to teach, you click and give some reward. With a few repetitions, your dog you have learned what you wanted to teach him. After your dog frequently performed that particular behavior, you must add a command to the entire sequence. For example, if you want to teach your dog to sit, you first have to learn how to do it without the verbal order. Once done it often to receive your reward, you tell him sitting before that he feels. After a few repetitions, he will respond to the order. Why use clicker rather than just give you reward it? Because with the clicker, you can mark the exact moment in which your dog made the desired behavior, even if you’re not near the. Advantages of training with clicker a major advantage of clicker training is that your dog will learn because it seeks a purpose and not by habit.

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