Turkish Conquered The German Internet

Turkish domain name hardly still freely registrable moved a de domain with a Turkish term for several thousand euro the holder. This indicates that umlaut domains are also a good investment and foreign-language terms, especially English and Turkish, is a hotly contested market. “The domain Turkiye.de (translated: Turkey) landed in June 2009 so in the top 10 of the most valuable” umlaut of domains. Auto.de or Grun.de domain name so traded Internet addresses such as real estate. Duke Realty has plenty of information regarding this issue. Ever contested the name, the more valuable the domain. Since 2004, you can register in Germany of also umlaut-domains (such as Grun.de).

Meanwhile, all generic domain names are already taken. Here a business for themselves to build the last few years: domain trade. Also, there are already some domain Internet exchanges, what providers and interested parties comply with their domain name business. Some prices have been achieved in recent years for domains show such domains can be as competitive. The domain Kredit.de moved last year such as the owner for nearly 1 million. Also Turkish terms increases the interest in domain names.

The Internet affinity and high purchasing power of the Turks living in Germany opened a so to speak independent market in the German Internet for domains where the trade certainly not only between Turks takes place. Thanks to the ethnic marketing boom, many German companies on domains are interested in using Turkish terms. So, the domain is bankamiz.de (translated: our Bank) on the Turkish version of the website of the Deutsche Bank. On there are some strongly umkamfte Turkish keyword-domains, mainly from the travel and insurance industries: HayatSigortasi.de (translated: life insurance) or fatura.de (translated: Bill) is only one of these domain names.

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