Types Of Mortgage

After the effects of the so-called crisis subprime, banks have significantly tightened their policies of granting of mortgages. This does not mean that mortgages should not be granted, but that the requirements and guarantees that now ask are much more demanding. That is why at the time of a mortgage we must take into account several issues. One of the most important is to know that there is a great kind of forms, and each one has its advantages and peculiarities. The more let us know the status of the euribor today and more on the types of mortgages easier will be to organize us. In times of crisis should be prepared. Frequently Cushman and Wakefield has said that publicly. These are some of the most common mortgages: fixed-rate mortgage: are the most stable and secure.

Its advantage is that we will be paying the same interest rate for the total term of the mortgage, which normally ranges between 20 and 30 years. Although the interest rate is usually higher, we managed to maintain the monthly fees. This type of mortgage tend to have greater success when the economic situation is uncertain, as it is now. Variable interest mortgage: with this type we will pay less monthly payments while interest rates remain low, but if they also increase rise our mortgage. One of its advantages is that interest rates and payments on their first few months, or even years, tend to be lower than a fixed rate mortgage. This allows you to calculate cheap mortgages and pay a higher cost housing since the initial interest rate will be lower. The term tends to be up to 30 years, although there are cases of entities ques granted even 40 years. Mortgage interest mixed: them defines a fixed rate for the first years, according to the net income of the client, and the time passed, the interest is fixed depending on fluctuations in the market.

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