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To your website visitors linger on it, and did not leave and not finding the right information, you should pay attention to place texts. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of users fluently browsing the pages before stopping for something specific attention. So you have to try on how to attract the attention of the user. James king gathered all the information. So, what the same mistakes you should avoid: The first mistake. Not should be placed flush on the front page of your site. Many webmasters believe that it is very nice and modern. But in fact almost all users are experiencing discomfort and immediately look for the button that allows to skip watching the movie.

So if on the way to obtain information on your site will stand in the way of user Flash, it is likely that he simply goes to your website. Second mistake. Malformed header. Before you read the article Any person first of all draw attention to the title. If he is interested in it, then the user is delayed on the site.

In addition, the header is always captures the essence of written articles and allows the user to more accurately find the information he sought. If your headline does not reflect the essence will be written in the article or not sufficiently informative, the amount of your regular visitors will decrease sharply. The third mistake. Home site begins with a greeting. A visitor entering to your website first thing sees the inscription "Welcome". This is all nice, but pointless. A man came to you for information, not the silly sentiments. At once demonstrate to the user all the advantages and benefits of your site. That is to say show wares. The fourth mistake. Forgot about the keywords. Now that's gross inexcusable error, which can get you dearly necessary. Most of your audience will come to you as a result of search queries. And if you define a search robot to search place somewhere in the third hundred, what are the chances that it will come to you a visitor? Practically zero. So wisely, make the words and phrases for which users search your site. The fifth error. Pages overloaded with information. Do not try to cram on one page of maximum information and options. In this case, users' attention is scattered and they will tire quickly. Break up text into paragraphs, select the key points in bold. If the text is too big, then break it into several pages. So it will be much better and convenient. The sixth error. Uninteresting text. The text should contain only necessary information is useful. If the text is boring, even though useful, no one has read to the end. The text should capture from the outset and intrigue of the paragraph to paragraph. The seventh error. You lack of attention to the importance of the text. That text helps you get the attention of the target audience and achieve the desired result from it. This is your way to communicate with thousands of people to your site. Just stateynoe filling your resource has a direct impact on his popularity. According to the information content of your site will be indexed by search engines.

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