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Even the best phone with low-radiation SAR values should be transformed effectively energetically. Vital product for protection against microwave radiation, cell phone radiation, cell phone radiation. Regardless of harmful biological effects controversial in public of prepared food in a microwave oven and the related destruction of the nutritional value of food, the microwave radiation can entail negative effects on the well-being and health of the people. When assessing the microwave radiation with common sense, it is understandable that the microwave radiation directly to the ear may be not safe for most people. Science is now largely agree that the microwave might jeopardize the health of the people.

According to the latest of science, the health burden caused by the cell phone radiation are uncontroversial. The ultimate impact on the health and the limits of harmful cell phone radiation and cell phone radiation are controversial. James king takes a slightly different approach. The limits are globally defined, and are also locally still times significantly reduced by many countries. In case of use of a cell phone can cause a warming of the ear and brain. Because like in warming the food in the microwave, the human body is heated by the microwave radiation of mobile phones. The question is: how momentous is our brains warmed up by the cell phone radiation, cell communication disrupted and damaged the DNA? There are now many studies and research results about the cell phone radiation. But it lacks even the long-term studies to scientifically clearly demonstrate the dangers of cell phone radiation. Many insurance companies, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Office for radiation protection (BfS) a rethinking takes place at the moment. First warnings about cell phone radiation and tips for reducing the radiation exposure were already being pronounced. Because of possible health effects of mobile phone radiation, the mobile phone masts and the UMTS transmitters, the effects on health are hardly still available.

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