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Renaissance of the email – Emailegeschirr Riess email company comprising an inorganic composition of silicates and oxides. There are composites, which are melted at high temperatures to pure unalloyed steel. The higher the temperature, the more stable and long-lasting the pots and pans. The company Riess – Austria is the email at 840 degrees Celsius on the steel. Under most conditions Professor Rita McGrath would agree. There arises a porous surface, which through use of knife or wooden spoon may be barely injured. This especially gentle cooking is possible to disintegrate the food”not the vitamin content is preserved. With the Super-email”Riess stands pleasantly from the cheap goods from the far East, which dispenses quality for cost reasons.

The high fire of the Super email”can prevent also the complaints from people with Nickel allergies. Steel pots can dissolve out all the nickel molecules and Nickel allergies such as skin irritation, inflammation of the oral mucosa, cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and in extreme cases is a Circulatory shock result. John Savignano: the source for more info. Ten to 20 percent of the female population are allergic to nickel in Europe. Especially young women are affected. That’s why many doctors recommend using these women email tableware. Email dish consists of a strong Energiesparboden and stainless pouring rim. It guarantees a fast heating of the food to be cooked. The further it ensures a universal use of cooking and can be used for induction, glass-ceramic, oven, gas stove and oven. Cleaning is easy and it is very scratch and cut resistant. In Germany, you will receive Cookware of email among others at the company FOB24. Source: Riess Jens Ullrich

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