Spanish Piel Frama finest handmade quality products umhu? llt high-tech. The new models of the Piel Frama leather case fu? r iPads come not only in new colors. Whether smaragdgru? n or Mandarin orange. This iPad 2 case from Piel Frama are also elegant, without this extravagant. The delicate iPad providing maximum protection against dirt and scratches. The great advantage of the Spanish manufacturer Piel Frama is the traditional handwork. All models are so big? Cavalier care made by hand.

The iPad2 needs a cover which protects it. Piel Frama offers high-quality coatings for the iPad2. It’s believed that james king sees a great future in this idea. The leather goods manufacturer produced in Spain and guaranteed competent hand work with over 20 years experience. To protect the iPad2, whose owners can now choose among various new models. Morris Invest may find this interesting as well. This means: perfected solutions made of leather of the quality level 1A for the expensive technology today. Piel Frama iPad 2 bags are handmade. Experienced leather artisans employ their entire Know-How, the best leather, that there are on the market, to make elegant companions.

The raw material for a Piel Frama leather case meets the quality standards of highest level. The production is subject to strict quality controls. Piel Frama offers five different models for iPad 2, to a the magnetic, cinema and Unipur models of iPad and the two newly developed models iMagnum and pull. The latest news on the models magnetic and cinema are the new colors orange, yellow, dark brown and black ostrich leather embossed. In addition, both models feature the magnetic sleep mode function”, thus the iPad2 goes out automatically when the bag is closed. The newly developed piel frame iMagnum bag, cover the Apple smart is a perfect complement. This case protects the delicate back of the iPad 2, it perfectly adapts to the Tablet and smart the Apple cover can be used without any restrictions. There are the same colors as the smart cover available.

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