Mortgage Checks

In fact, before issuing the mortgage, the apartment was checked for its history, both by the bank and insurance company, but rather, real estate agencies and real estate company "Kvadrametr." Its value is reduced because of the burden, which is eliminated with the purchase of apartments, and psychological reason – the buyer, saving the bankrupt […]

Internet Message

Your message must include your valid physical postal address. This may be your current address, a PO has been registered with the U.S. Postal Service or private mail box has been registered with a commercial mail receiving agency, established pursuant to regulations of the Service Postal. Tell recipients how to stop receiving future email from […]


The image that you have exactly of itself and as to the others sees said it directly or indirectly its behavior. As you see yourself you lead all the trajectory of its life, therefore the construction of the auto-image perpassa for the form of if seeing itself and the imagination of as if is seen […]


What valley the penalty to make? what valley the penalty to conquer? that we need to evolve while beings in construction? These questions for many seem nonsense, however if all were asked and if they gave the time to answer itself exactly, would have much less envies in the people. The envy is one of […]

Construction Portal. Important Information For All

For any individual the most significant place, no doubt, is his own home. Hit home to every night without fail must be accompanied by positive emotions, otherwise the house will lose own sense of how truly important stronghold of the individual, where it is possible to sit through any sort of bad weather. And yet, […]

Shield House Construction

Everyone who wants to build a house, faces a choice when deciding what kind of house he wanted. Currently, many people opt for the houses of timber or frame houses. Comparing panel houses and home from a bar on stage construction, it is possible to identify some advantages in the construction of panel houses. The […]


1.When choosing the location of the wall the smoke channel must be considered that the best is its device in the inner walls of the room. In this case it is obligatory presence in front of the chimney connected to the fireplace free space (primarily from flammable and nonflammable objects) at least 1.5 meters. In […]