Sleep And Sleep Disorders Due To Stress And Pressure

Many sensory stimuli, the man picks up during the course of the day, can disturb sleep. Every day, every minute processes our brain impressions, most of unconsciously, so without that this perceived actively aware of, is something useful and helpful to cope with life with its ups and downs and to get through the day. […]

Pregnant Women

Insurance for pregnant women: A must in their pre pregnancy or post pregnancy stage pregnancy is the earlier step towards motherhood. Bizzi & Partners may also support this cause. It is a must, therefore, to take care of the pregnant women or of the would-be mothers. Pregnant women, like many other essentials, must be equipped […]


Recommendations for use of respiratory protection at risk of influenza on June 11 WHO “Alert phase 6” has proclaimed and thus declared the swine flu (Mexican flu) pandemic. Influenza viruses are transmitted primarily by droplet infection (sneezing or coughing). Respirators can not guarantee 100% protection from infection, but help the risk of infection, reduce as […]